Kairos Accelerated Master of Divinity

So you believe that God has built you to serve in ministry? Good stuff. Get ready for an exciting journey! You're going to need an understanding of the Bible, thick skin, radical love, and plenty of ministry tools in your belt. 

With the Kairos Accelerated Master of Divinity, you can get started on the adventure of ministry sooner than you think. Instead of seven years of study, you can get the same high-quality, on-campus education in just five years. You'll be prepared to step right into pastoral ministry, and you'll save money, too. 

Earn Two Accredited Degrees

Thanks to our special partnership, you'll earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Ministry from Corban University and a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from Western Seminary – two schools with a reputation for Christian ministry and faithfulness to the gospel.

Cut Out the Overlap

Typical B.A. and M.Div. degrees double up on some classes in Bible, theology and spiritual formation, but we've cut out those duplicates. You'll quickly move to the advanced seminary version of courses that would have otherwise been redundant.

4 + 3 = 5?

Earning a B.A. usually takes about four years. And an M.Div. degree takes three more. But by trimming overlapping content from the two degrees, you'll finish both degrees in five years.

Save $30,000 in Tuition

By streamlining your degree, you'll also save two years' worth of tuition! Or at least your parents will. Even better, you'll get to be actively involved in ministry that much sooner.

Build Experience in Exclusive Internships

Saving two years doesn't mean taking shortcuts in ministry experience or spiritual maturity. You'll have opportunities exclusive to Kairos students that will challenge and strengthen your faith and give you a real life understanding of what it means to be a pastor and a Christian leader. Join a trip to Cameroon to train Christian Leaders in year three, and get hands-on ministry experience with a pastoral mentor in year four.

So learn today. Lead tomorrow. Make the most of your time with the Kairos Accelerated Master of Divinity.

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This accelerated program is also made possible by a generous grant from the Kern Family Foundation