Western Seminary Advanced Studies Certificate

Advanced Studies Certificate

You don't have a bachelor's degree but still want to pursue advanced ministry training? The Advanced Studies Certificate (ASC) is designed specifically for you. This non-credit program provides limited and focused theological training for anyone who does not desire graduate credit or who does not meet the prerequisites to receive graduate credit.

While no formal academic credit is earned in the ASC program, students are awarded Learning Units (LUs) to demonstrate progress toward their 18-LU certificate. ASC participants make the same course choices among available tracks as those offered to credit students in the Graduate Studies Certificate program. And if you cannot come to a Western Seminary campus, the entire program is available by distance learning through Western Seminary Online campus.



Advance Studies CertificateLU
Concentration Studies 8
Biblical and Theological Studies Concentration
orIntercultural Studies Concentration
orPastoral and Church Ministries Concentration
orPastoral Care to Women
Open Electives 8
Integrative Project 2
Total 18


A Learning Unit is Western Seminary's measurement of non-credit participation in a course. One LU is equivalent to 15 hours of classroom time.