Western Seminary San Jose Campus Faculty

San Jose Campus Faculty

Nancy Broxton

Nancy Broxton, M.A.
Assistant Director, MA/MFT Program

Steve Korch

Steve Korch, D.Min.
Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Kenneth Logan

Kenneth Logan, Psy.D.
Director, MA/MFT Program
Professor of Counseling

Jeff Louie

Jeff Louie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology

Gary Tuck

Gary Tuck, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Studies

Adjunct Faculty for 2014-2015

Name Responsibility
Ron Allen, Th.D Divinity 
Ann Arnold, M.A. Counseling
Phyllis Bennett, D.Min. Pastoral Care to Women
Ben Burns, M.A. Pastoral Ministry
Bill Copper, PCC Coaching
Jane Creswell, MCC Coaching
Marty Couch, M.A. Counseling
Emmanuel DeNike, M.A. Counseling
Jeff Garner, D.Min. Divinity
Yemi Getachew, M.A. Counseling 
Kimberly Grassi, M.A.  Divinity
Chad Hall, Th.M., MCC Coaching
Bev Hislop, D.Min. Pastoral Care to Women
Brian Hui, M.A. Divinity
Lorraine Hutchinson, Psy.D. Counseling
Matthew Lea, Ph.D. Counseling
Jeff Mammen, M.Div. Divinity
Tom McEnroe, M.Th. Divinity
Donelyn Miller, M.A. Counseling
Galen Peterson, D.Miss. Divinity
Charles Self, Ph.D. Divinity 
Steve Stiles, D.Min. Counseling
Steve Stratos, D.Min., ACC Coaching
Norm Theisen, Ph.D. Counseling and Divinity
Paul Thome, ACC Coaching
David Wenzel, Ph.D Counseling
Bev Weins, Ph.D. Counseling
Wendy Witham, M.A. Counseling