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ReTrain Connection

Ministry work is demanding, and a lifetime of impact in ministry will demand great training. ReTrain serves as an excellent early preparation for ministry – in fact, we see the experience as comparable to the first year of seminary studies.

So if you’re participating in ReTrain and you plan to make Christian ministry your career, take the next step. Complete your training by following your ReTrain studies with a master’s degree from Western Seminary, a seminary focused on developing a movement of Gospel-centered transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I continue training after ReTrain?

ReTrain offers an excellent start in ministry training. You may want more. Through a master’s degree program at Western you can:

  • Go through the Bible in depth, even reading it in the Greek and Hebrew texts
  • Develop your theological understanding and express it in your own doctrinal statement
  • Prepare to lead in preaching, evangelism, worship, discipleship and strategic change
  • Specialize your skills with elective courses that fit your ministry context
  • Enter into mentored field ministry to sharpen your skills as you learn
Will my ReTrain classes count for credit at Western?

Definitely. Your year in ReTrain classes can count for up to 12 credits at Western Seminary, depending on the master’s program you choose.

If you would like credit, you must first be admitted to Western Seminary before beginning your ReTrain studies. As you complete each ReTrain course, you will simultaneously complete an “independent study” with a Western Seminary professor so that you can earn graduate credit for your course. Each ReTrain class that is concurrently completed with Western Seminary will cost only $75 per Western credit hour – a great savings over our typical tuition rate.

The 9-month ReTrain curriculum translates to the following courses at Western Seminary (2 credits apiece):

  • EMS 505 Growing Disciples Intentionally
  • DBS 506X Learning to Interpret Scripture – Part 1
  • THS 551 Understanding Biblical Theology
  • PTS 507 Providing Pastoral Counseling
  • DMS 501 Thinking Theologically about Ministry Leadership
  • DMS 506 Developing Godly Leadership for the 21st Century
What master’s degrees can I earn?

Western Seminary offers many master’s level training programs, though your ReTrain credits can fit most appropriately in the following programs:

Why choose Western Seminary?

We share your conviction about the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture. And so our students develop a sound understanding of the Bible, and hearts that want to please the Lord and reflect His Gospel in life and ministry.

Due to our unshakable convictions for ministry practice, our professors remain involved in ministry as they teach out of their own passion and experience. In fact, Western grads like Mark Driscoll and Dr. Bruce Ware serve as ReTrain professors.

And because we urge men and women to serve actively in ministry while they train, we offer flexible class scheduling options online and on campus that let them stay engaged in ministry. This way, there’s no need to move away from home for your studies.

How do I get started?

As you submit your application to enroll in ReTrain, you must also apply online to Western Seminary. And as you do, you’ve got two options:

  1. Complete a Degree
    ReTrain students who wish to earn credit toward a Western Seminary master’s degree will complete the entire admissions process. This includes filling out an application form, telling us about yourself and ministry goals in essay form, submitting academic transcripts from all undergraduate institutions where you’ve completed more than 7 credits, submitting 4 letters of reference and paying a $50 application fee.
  2. Earn Transferrable Graduate Credit
    ReTrain Students who want to earn transferrable graduate credit can apply as a “non-degree” student. This simplified process includes filling out an application form, telling us about yourself and ministry goals in essay form, and paying a $50 application fee.

We urge ReTrain students to apply online to Western Seminary before the fall deadline for ReTrain studies.

Can you take Western Seminary courses while you are enrolled in the ReTrain program?

Yes, you can take Western Seminary courses. However, because ReTrain’s calendar does not align with Western Seminary’s academic calendar, due to federal regulations we are unable to offer financial aid to students who are enrolled in both ReTrain and Western Seminary courses. Once you have completed your ReTrain courses, you will be able to apply for financial aid at Western.

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I am deeply grateful for my studies at Western Seminary. It was a wonderful way to learn the Scriptures and prepare for a life of ministry.

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