Western Seminary Center for Leadership Development Certificates


Certificates are available for individual registration or for use by churches to support the training of their leaders. For more information on church options, please call Jim Hislop at 503.997.6167.

Foundations in Biblical Studies

This certificate will help you understand the basic structure of the whole Bible, trace its basic themes, and cover the vital content of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. You will come away with a filing cabinet into which you can insert newly discovered truth as you study the Bible for yourself.

Course TitleInstructorHRSCost
Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective* Downs 5 $25
New Testament Overview Laney 10 $50

Foundations in Theological Studies

All Christians have been commissioned by Christ to be His agents of hope in the world. Christian leaders are called to lead others in their understanding and appreciation of our great God and his work. This certificate will provide a solid theological foundation that will enable you to do that as effectively as possible.

Course TitleInstructorHRSCost
Systematic Theology* Breshears 15 $75
What is the Gospel? Cortez 5 $25
Gospel, Salvation and Other Religions Miles 6 $30
Spiritual Formation & Devotional Intimacy Thomas 5 $20

Christians in the Marketplace Certificate

This certificate will guide you to an understanding of God's view of work and how it can be lived out in the marketplace of life. You will be encouraged and challenged to think biblically about faith, work, and the economy. You will be equipped to live for God in a world that doesn't.

Course TitleInstructorHRSCost
Theology of Work* Breshears 5 $25
Theology and Economics*
Forster 3.5


Implementing a Theology of Work Humphreys 5 $25
Business as Mission Job 2


Marketplace Mentoring
Panel 1.5


Job-Shadowing Daniel
Peabody 6


Christian Values Investing
Panel 1.5


Elder Training Certificate

The role of the elder is critical to the health and well-being of the local church. In our newest certificate, experienced church leaders share helpful insights that will benefit every church leader.

Course TitleInstructorHRSCost
Training Lay Leaders Johnson 10 $50
Training Lay Pastors Rohlinger 2 $10
Developing a Leadership Culture Olmos 1.5 $10
12 Marks of a healthy Board Panel 1.5 $10
When A Member of Your Flock Needs Special Care
Lovejoy/Knopf 3.5 $15
Grace and Accountability
Panel 1.5 $10
Developing Leaders in the Small Church
Daman 6 $30
Ministering for Maturity
Downs 3 $20

 * Indicates course is required to earn a certificate of completion for that track

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