Co-Labor Events

Making Connections

Christian discipleship and sound theology has become disconnected from the largest portion of our lives, our daily work. Co-Labor seeks to restore this vital connection and to support pastors, business leaders, educators and community leaders in their unique and crucial roles by forging mutually supportive partnerships between Kingdom leaders.

For the 2015-2016 school year, we have Co-Labor events planned for the following locations: Seattle, WA, Portland, OR,  Sacramento, CA,  San Jose, CA, San Diego, CA and Charlotte, NC. Additional details will be posted as the events approach. Each event will feature a speaker who is a marketplace or church leader. The intention of these events is to provide opportunities for business leaders and pastors to meet and dialog about the ways in which they can best support each other.


Western Seminary has established the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) to provide credible and accessible educational materials for church and marketplace leaders. Funding for the CLD is made possible thanks to the Kern Family Foundation , as a part of their program, the Oikonomia Network.