Christian coach training for transformational change

Ready to Transform?

At Western Seminary, we believe in the power of words and conversations to transform lives and create powerful change.  After all, God did not think the world into existence, He spoke creation.

Coaching is an intentional way to converse with others that creates new awareness and leads to action.  To learn how to have powerful coaching conversations, consider these training options:

Sample Coaching Conversations
A verbatim from a coaching conversation and a video of a coaching conversation from a coaching class provide a taste of what coaching is like. [more]

Discover Coaching
This free workshop will introduce you to some of the basics of coaching and prepare you to reconsider how you’re engaging with those around you. [more]

Intro to Coaching
During our two-day gateway course, you’ll learn how to ask powerful questions, resist telling people what to do, and listen at a much better level.  Upon completing this training, you will be ready to leverage coaching at a basic level to help those around you experience positive change and to continue your learning through any of our other coaching courses. [more]

Certificate in Transformational Coaching
For those who are serious about being transformation catalysts, consider our certificate program.  The program includes training, coaching supervision, mentor coaching, and an assessment exam that will equip you to coach at a very high level and to earn your coaching credential from the International Coach Federation. [more]

For more information on these and other options, visit Training Options page.