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Coaches who’ve earned the CTC designation are proven coaches who are able to coach at a professional level.  Each of these coaches has completed approximately 200 hours of coach training from Western Seminary, has been mentored by a qualified mentor coach and has passed an assessment exam that demonstrates they are coaching at a professional level.


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Greg Cottrill
Backed by over 20 years of management and leadership experience, Greg has refocused his energy on partnering with others for positive forward movement as Life and Leadership Coach. Greg holds a B.S. in Computer Science (CSUS) and a Graduate Studies Diploma from Western Seminary, and ACC certification with the International Coach Federation.

Ginny Jensen
Ginny’s coaching style aspires to help individuals discover and live out their personal “aha moments.” Coupled with her natural skill, Ginny has earned a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Education from Multnomah University, the Certificate in Transformational Coaching from Western Seminary and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

Peter Durkee
Peter Durkee partners with you to help achieve your greatest potential, coaching individuals and businesses in the US & beyond, from missionaries to park rangers. Peter holds a Master’s degree in Mobile and Distributed Computer, numerous high tech certifications, a coaching certificate from Western Seminary, ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation, plus 30 years of work history in the field of high tech.
Valerie uses her natural love of working with people along with a BA in Psychology and Child Development from SJSU, an MA in Education from Stanford University, and a Certificate in Transformational Coaching from Western Seminary, to establish healthy family dynamics and forward focus with individuals. She incorporates special training with Boundaries (Townsend and Cloud), Forgiveness (Luskin), and Parenting with Love and Logic® (Fay) in her work with clients.
Alan Ray is the co-founder of MarriageTeam, a non-profit that equips Christian couples to be marriage coaches and provides coaching services to premarital and married couples. He also has a Masters in Counseling. Coach couples work with couples all the way from those who simply want to have a better marriage to those who have divorce papers ready to go. Marriage coaching has proven to be an effective approach to strengthening and saving marriages.

Judy Cochran
cochran5@comcast.netAs proprietor of Coach and Keynote, Judy Cochran specializes in coaching high school students as they move through the college admission process, and helping families navigate through life transitions, including progressing children into adulthood, dealing with an empty nest, and divorce. Judy is also available as a keynote speaker for women’s retreats, conferences, and special events. Judy holds a bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric and Communication, a Certificate in Transformational Coaching from Western Seminary, and has years of experience in women’s ministry, public speaking, and working in college admissions.

Sean Post
Sean is the owner and founder of Comitor Coaching. His coaching mission - helping leaders live into better stories - has added value to pastors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Sean has led in various contexts including multiple pastoral roles and non-profit management. His education includes a Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership from Western Seminary, a Certificate in Transformational Coaching from Western Seminary, and a Certification in High Performance Patterns Coaching. He is currently a doctoral student at Multnomah Seminary, studying Missional Leadership.

Phil Carnes
Phillip Carnes, D.Min. is an executive and leadership coach. An accomplished professional with unique experience in enterprise leadership, academia, and the non-profit church sector, for over fifteen years Dr. Carnes worked as an executive of a national insurance marketing firm and as a private money manager. In addition to his coaching and work in the enterprise sector, he has led in non-profit contexts, and consulted with churches regarding governance and ministry leadership. In addition to his coaching practice, Phillip currently serves as adjunct faculty at George Fox University