Christian coach training for transformational change


How you register depends on your status with the seminary and your learning goals.
Read through the following options to determine the registration process that fits you.

> Do you want to earn the Certificate in Transformational Coaching (CTC)?
Step 1 for all CTC participants is to review the CTC Handbook 2014 and apply using the CTC Application for Admission form.
Once accepted, you may register for your coaching classes. Details will be in the acceptance email or use the CTC Handbook to guide you in the best way to register. Audit participants need to apply at least 4 weeks prior to their first class. Credit students need to apply at least 6 weeks in advance.

> Is this your first coaching class?
Great, you’ll want to register for Intro to Coaching (MCS 510).  Unless you plan on earning a degree at Western Seminary, you’ll likely want to enroll as a non-degree seeking student and register for the classes an audit student (if you do not hold a bachelor’s degree, you’ll register as an enrichment student — audit and enrichment are distinctions our accrediting agency requires us to make).  And don’t let the term “audit” throw you:  most students take the classes as auditors and full participation is expected from all students.  While audit students are not required to do homework assignments outside of class, there is no distinction in terms of using the classes toward ICF credentialing.
Use the printable Non-Credit Application and Registration Form.  If you have paid in advance for your coach training through the CTC program, you’ll want to consult the CTC Handbook on how to sign up for your classes. If you want to take coaching courses as a credit student, see the section below about enrolling as a new degree-seeking student.

> Have you taken other coaching classes?
Welcome back.  You may register the same way you did before using the Non-Credit Application and Registration Form.   If you have paid in advance for your coach training through the CTC program, you’ll want to consult the CTC Handbook on how to sign up for your classes. And if you are ready to enroll in the Certificate in Transformational Coaching, contact us to get that process started.

> Are you a current degree-seeking seminary student?
If so, then you already know the drill and you can register for coaching classes the same way you’d register for any other class using S.I.S.  Remember you must take MCS 510, the Introduction to Coaching class before taking any other classes. You can take coaching classes for credit (each class is 1 credit), or as an audit student.  Please note that the audit rate for coaching classes is $400/credit (a rate that is significantly higher than the audit rate for other seminary classes, but less than the $530 credit rate for courses).

> Do you wish to earn an MA degree  from Western Seminary?
Super!  You will need to complete the Online Application Form for the seminary.  And please talk to one of the seminary’s enrollment counselors so they can walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Contact an enrollment counselor.

> Are you not sure if you want to earn a degree or not?
We have an option for you, too.  You will want to enroll as a non-degree student and take the classes for credit ($530/class). As a non-degree student, you are admitted for one semester and up to 12 credits without applying to a degree or certificate program.  After 12 credits, you will need to be admitted to a program to continue to take courses at Western. Non-degree students are subject to the same deadlines and fees as regular students.  Contact an enrollment counselor.


Whichever process you use, be sure to start the process as early as possible.  It takes approximately 10 days to complete a class registration request, and classes do fill up.

Have questions?
Please contact the Coaching Coordinator at the campus where you plan to enroll.  If you plan to enroll at more than one campus, contact our Portland Coaching Coordinator.
PORTLAND: Michelle Workman |  877.517.1800 x1912
SACRAMENTOSherri Thome |   916.205.1619
SAN JOSE: Lisa Mueller |  877.900.6889 x415