Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)

IDS LogoWhat is IDS?

The Institute of Diaspora Studies (“IDS”) at Western Seminary is a joint effort of researchers and practitioners seeking to understand and minister to the people of diaspora – people dispersed from their original homeland.

What for?

The “mission” of IDS is to investigate the effective communication of the Gospel among the people of diaspora and through their
networks to regions beyond.


"Congratulations on the launching of the Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS). The topic of people on the move is of immense significance missiologically and those committed to the Great Commission ministry must explore its strategic implications."

Tetsunao Yamamoriformer International Director, LCWE


Who should be interested in IDS?

Anyone interested in the fulfillment of the Great Commission which includes reaching out to receptive people:

  • Who are on the move geographically, e.g. migrants & merchants, diplomat and foreign students, refugee, etc.
  • Who are being moved by the Holy Spirit spiritually being away from the comfort zone or restricted contexts, e.g. immigrants from countries of Muslim. Communist, Jewish, etc. background

How IDS will operate?

There are many flexible ways IDS can serve the Church at large through research and publication, non--formal formats (e.g. workshops and seminars) and format structure (e.g. credit bearing courses at graduate and post-graduate levels), etc.


List of Available Books

For more information about IDS, please contact:
Dr. Enoch Wan, Director of IDS, at 503 -517 -1804 or e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.