Western Seminary is an affordable choice for the highest quality of theological training – which means great value for you. Not only do we work hard to offer reasonable tuition, we also work hard to keep student fees to a minimum. The resources here will help you anticipate the costs currently associated with student life, and if you have need, please explore financial aid options such as scholarships and loans.

2014 - 2015 Tuition and Fees

Master's Level Tuition
 Credit  $530 per hour
 Audit  (New rate begins Summer 2015)  $ 75 per hour *
 Audit Coaching classes  $400 per hour
Doctoral Level Tuition
Credit Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)  $560 per hour
Credit Doctor of Intercultural Studies (D.Int.St.)  $600 per hour
Audit  (New rate begins Summer 2015)  $ 85 per hour *
PTS 711 materials fee  $125
Final Project Dissertation
1 credit hour each semester until dissertation completed
D.Min.:    $560 per hour
D.Int.St.: $600 per hour

* The $75 and $85 rates for audit begins summer 2015. For Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, the audit rate for Master's level is $175 and for Doctoral level is $185.

Estimate the total costs of your seminary training as well
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