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The Online Campus of Western Seminary is partnering with Givington's to test a new opportunity for students to purchase course texts. Givington's is an online retailer dedicated to the support of non-profit organizations through rebates of up to 50% of profits to the refering agency. For Western Seminary, this means that books purchased through Givington's for any of the 26 test courses will benefit students across the seminary system.

Givington's is an online and direct sales retailer serving the non-profit community. Their primary emphasis is on churches, ministries, and other Christ5centered organizations and their goal is to support the efforts and focus of ministry organizations by helping create budget space and additional time to pursue their mission.

You may also want to visit Givington's Western Seminary Collection. These are books used in many of our online courses which may be useful to you in your personal study. Again, up to 50% the profit from each significantly-discounted purchase returns to Western Seminary for the support of our students.


Browse the Western Seminary Collection at Givingtons.com