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Register for an Online Course

Registering Online For Fall 2015

*Inquire with the Online Campus office about the progress of anticipated course releases

Fall 2015 - Online Campus Session Dates
Session "A" 16 Weeks Aug. 31 - Dec. 18
Session "B" Weeks 1-8 Aug. 31 - Oct. 23
Session "C" Weeks 9-16 Oct 26 - Dec. 18
Biblical Languages Courses

NTS 508E, NTS 509E, OTS 508E

Biblical Studies Courses

BLS 501E, BLS 501XE, BLS 501YE, BLS 511E
BLS 502E
BLS 503E, BLS 503XE, BLS 503YE
BLS 527E - Psalms.  Ray Lubeck, Th.D.
BLS 535E – Life of Christ.   J. Carl Laney, Th.D.

Church History Courses

CHS 505E, CHS 505XE
CHS 520E - History of Missions. Mary Wilder, M.D.

Counseling Courses

CNS 510E - Spiritual Assessment. Lectures By:   Dave Wenzel Ph.D and Gerry Breshears Ph.D. 

Educational Ministries Course

EMS 505E - Growing Disciples Intentionally.  Lectures By:  Ken Epp, Ph.D.

Intercultural Studies Courses

DIS 501E - Communicating Christ in Culture.  Lectures By:  John Branner, D.Miss. Terry Burns, D.Min. 
DIS 520E, History of Missions. Mary Wilder, M.D.

Learning to Interpret Scripture Courses

DBS 506E, DBS 506XE, DBS 516E
DBS 507E, Advanced Hermeneutics. Todd Miles, Ph.D.

Mentored Field Ministry Course

MFM 500E –  Discovering & Developing Your Ministry Potential, Terry Burns, D. Min.
MFM501E-504E – Mentored Field Ministry, Terry Burns, D. Min., (Cohort entered by permission only)

Pastoral and Church Ministries Courses

DMS 501E, DMS 506E, PTS 504E, PTS 505E, PTS 507E, PTS 508E
PTS 542E  - Pastoral Practices in the Small Church, Glenn Daman, D. Min.
PTS 562FE – Leading Transitions.  Dr. Bert Downs and Lee Wiggins.    
PTS 562KE - Applying Biblical Ethics to Healthcare Dilemmas in Ministry,  Jerome R. Wernow Ph.D., R.Ph.

Pastoral Care to Women

PCW 511E - Pastoral Understanding of Women.  Beverly Hislop, D.Min.          
PCW 512XE - Women in Pain I.  Beverly Hislop, D.Min.       
PCW 515E - Developing and Delivering Life-Changing Messages.  Phyllis R. Bennett, D.Min.           

Spiritual Formation Courses 

SFS 501E, SFS 502E, SFS 504E

Theology Courses

THS 501E, THS 501XE, THS 502E, THS 503E, THS 508E, THS 511E
THS 551E – Understanding Biblical Theology.  Todd Miles, Ph.D. & Arturo Azurdia III, D.Min,             
THS 552E – Pauline Theology.  Thomas R. Schreiner, Ph.D.
THS 561E – Equipping for Spiritual Warfare.  Gerry Breshears, Ph.D. & Todd Miles, Ph.D.
THS 566JE - Theology of Luke-Acts.  Darrell L. Bock, PhD.
THS 566KE - Christology:  The Person of Christ.  Lectures By:  Bruce A. Ware, PhD.  

Youth Ministry  (Text-Based Courses)

YMS 502E - Developing a Theological Model for 21st Century Youth Ministry. Ron Marrs, Ph.D.


Directed Study Courses

  • "Directed Study Course Request" We believe it is in your best interest to take our courses in a learning community with other students.  However, if you are unable to take a course in the semester or session shown on our posted schedule, you may fill out the form at this link to request consideration to take the course as a directed study.

Raise Your Credit Limit

To Drop a Class

If, for whatever reason, you find that you need to drop a course, please drop the course online in SIS. Please note that drops will incur a $25 course drop fee after the open registration window.


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