Western Seminary Commencement Ceremony

Sacramento Graduation: Commencement


The commencement ceremony location will be held at Creekside Church on Saturday morning, August 1 at 10:30am.  A light reception will follow the commencement ceremony until 1pm.


The location can hold approximately 10 guests per grad (based on the number of grads at this point).  If you plan on less guests celebrating with us, please let the Student Services team know so that we might be able to allow others to bring more.


Guests often wonder what attire is appropriate for the commencement ceremony.  Most people wear either nice pants or skirts/dresses.  It’s a dressy occasion, but not formal.


We encourage guests not to bring children under five, or older children who might have difficulty sitting quietly for the entire ceremony (approximately 90 minutes).  Mothers of nursing infants are invited to bring their babies, but they’re encouraged to sit in the back of the room.

Cell Phones

Please turn off cell phones, and please remind your guests to do the same so as not to disturb others during the ceremony.


We will be having a light hors d’oeuvres reception following the commencement ceremony.  Enjoy visiting and taking pictures with family, friends and faculty.

Commencement Day Timeline - August 1, 2014

Graduates arrive. Please bring your cap and gown (ironed) to the rehearsal.  We will provide you with the hood that morning.   8:00 am
Doors open for guests to enter the Worship Center. 10:00 am
Commencement ceremony begins. 10:30 am
Commencement ceremony ends. 11:30 noon
Reception with light refreshments begins. After ceremony
Reception ends. 1:00 pm

Important:  Everyone who walks in the commencement ceremony must attend the rehearsal at 8:00 am.  Please plan accordingly.