Review of Discovery House Bible Atlas

desert mountains

Discovery House Bible Atlas By John A. Beck Grand Rapids, IL Discovery House Publishers, 2015 347 Pp. |  $39.99 As a serious student of biblical geography, I am always excited about the publication of a new Bible atlas. In my own experience there is nothing that enhances my reading and appreciation of the stories of…
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Why Students Don’t Like School

Students sitting in front of lockers

I was fascinated this year by the book, Why Don’t Students Like School?, by Daniel Willingham, a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia.  His research has focused on the brain basis of learning and memory and the application of cognitive psychology to K-16 education. One of the concepts from this book that has…
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Have We Shifted from Incarnational to Excarnational Living?

Feet on bus

Airports can be bland, liminal places where travelers move quickly through. I recently went to India via Dubai, which is becoming the world’s main traffic hub. The airport is impressive with its marble and chrome and state of the art engineering (though it will soon be replaced with an even more impressive airport. It seems…
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Happy Birthday to the Church that Jesus Builds

Steps leading to Upper Room.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CHURCH THAT JESUS BUILDS[1] By Tim Smith I have been involved in churches since I was born 54 years ago, but I have NEVER heard of or seen a birthday celebration for the church. There are great reasons to celebrate the church’s birthday. I was in Israel in 2012 on Pentecost…
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The Language of Salvation: Discovering the Riches of What It Means to Be Saved

black and white photo

Reviewed by J. Carl Laney The Language of Salvation: Discovering the Riches of What It Means to Be Saved. By Victor Kuligin Wooster, Ohio. Weaver Book Company, 2015. 255 pp | $15.99   Victor Kuligin is Academic Dean and Lecturer at Bible Institute of South Africa. After his training as a chemical engineer, he went…
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