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Did the Reformers Misread Paul? | Book Review

For a book that targets a presupposition (that the Reformation critique of Catholicism was about grace versus works), it makes significant assumptions of its own. Most evident is O’Kelley’s supposition that the entire NPP is built on this one flawed argument. After the smoke has cleared from his detonation, the NPP appears weakened, though still upright, but his own perspective looks to have taken some collateral damage in the blast as well.


In Memory of Dr. Bob Cook

In 1965, Dr. Earl Radmacher invited Dr. Cook to join the faculty of Western [Conservative Baptist] Seminary. He taught theology and later served as Vice-President and Academic Dean until his retirement from those positions in 1986. Leaving his administrative responsibilities behind, Bob returned to his first love—teaching systematic theology.


Attending and Participating in Academic Conferences

Attending and participating in academic conferences can be an important part of one’s development as a theologian or biblical scholar. Doing so affords students with an opportunity to hear and present papers, and to forge connections with other budding scholars. While there are many conferences that a student might attend, following is a summary of just a few key conferences that students enrolled in Western’s Th.M. program would particularly benefit from.