Love Your Wife….Check (What’s the Law For, Part 1)


God created his people, and they sinned. He stayed faithful to them in the Garden, and they sinned some more. He judged the earth with a flood, and they kept right on sinning. He made an amazing promise to Abraham and delivered the people from their captivity in Egypt. And even then they continued to…
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This Week on Trans·formed (4/28)


Featured Articles on Trans·formed This Week God Set Us Up! Why Give a Command He Knew They Would Reject? (Marc Cortez) God gave us this commandment as a gift. And, as a gift, it was ultimately given with our best interests in mind. Because of the terrible consequences that will come as a result of…
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Are We Connecting?

Man using a tablet computer while his girlfriend is getting mad at him

One of the indicators, to my kids for sure, that I have come perilously close to obsolescence is the fact I do not text, do not tweet, and rarely visit Facebook. My response to them, feeble as it may seem, is that everyone draws some boundaries around their accessibility. Landline, cell phone, mail, email, a…
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Listening to God: General Revelation

mt. st. helens 2

The purpose of this blog is to explore the question of what a new believer needs to understand in order to start his/her spiritual journey in the right direction. We’ve talked about what really happens at conversion, how the new path of discipleship is different, and what to do when we stumble (sin). The next…
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Tim Keller on How He Prepares a Sermon (video)

Film and  clap board movies symbol 3d. Isolated on white

Here’s a short video of Tim Keller explaining the process that he goes through in putting a sermon together. It’s an interesting inside look at one pastor’s approach to sermon preparation.