About Chad Hall

Chad Hall is the Director of Coaching for Western Seminary and also serves as a leadership coach for ministry and corporate clients through his role as Partner with Coach Approach Ministries and iNTERNAL iMPACT.


The 7 Commandments for Choosing a Church

Skyline showing church steeples

If you’re reading this because you don’t like your church and you want to know how to shop for a better church and you thought, based on the title of this post, that you might get some good ideas for how to find a better church… prepare to be disappointed.  That’s not what this article…
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Four Mistakes Preachers (Like Me) Make

Preacher facing congregation

It’s been many years since I filled the pulpit on a weekly basis as a local church pastor.  When I first stepped away, preaching was one of the things I missed the most.   For several months I found it terribly difficult to attend worship and sit under the preaching of others because, to be honest,…
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5 Things to Remember When It Comes to Church Size

scratchboard of cityscape

I have had the privilege to serve as a coach to pastors for over 15 years, and I’ve noticed that it does not take long in the coaching relationship for the topic of church size to come up. I’ve also noticed that some pastors approach church growth with health and wholeness while others struggle with…
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3 Things to Know about Hope: A Christian Reflection

arrow on road pointing towards sunset

Advent is a season of waiting with hope.  But what is hope? What makes hope explicitly a Christian thing to do?  And what’s so important about hope? It’s easy to use the word hope the way the world does: to mean a desire or a wishful expectation, but not a certainty.  One might say, “I’m…
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Meaning of Advent: A Season to Wait

Gift boxes and christmas balls

Unless you were hiding under a rock for the past few weeks you are well aware that the holiday shopping season is upon us here in the States.  The newspapers have extra girth owing to the advertisements.  The television commercials have fully shifted their strategy to accentuate the joys of gift buying.  And stores are…
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