3 Things to Know about Hope: A Christian Reflection

arrow on road pointing towards sunset

Advent is a season of waiting with hope.  But what is hope? What makes hope explicitly a Christian thing to do?  And what’s so important about hope? It’s easy to use the word hope the way the world does: to mean a desire or a wishful expectation, but not a certainty.  One might say, “I’m…
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Meaning of Advent: A Season to Wait

Gift boxes and christmas balls

Unless you were hiding under a rock for the past few weeks you are well aware that the holiday shopping season is upon us here in the States.  The newspapers have extra girth owing to the advertisements.  The television commercials have fully shifted their strategy to accentuate the joys of gift buying.  And stores are…
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Messes That Multiply


Some years ago, I was in a messy traffic accident.  As I approached the scene of an earlier accident, I slowed to about 30 MPH.  When the man directing traffic motioned for me to keep moving through the intersection, I started to speed back up.  That’s when an elderly lady, thinking the man was motioning…
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Maybe Our Churches Need Less of “More”


I often hear from church and business leaders a mantra of “MORE!”  The cry is for more resources, more services, more staff, more volunteers, more users, more creativity, more partnership, more this and more that. But what if “more” is not what’s needed? I fear that we often confuse “more” with “good.”  The confusion leads…
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Church Thieves

Offering plate with money in it.

Her last day on the job should not have involved handcuffs, but that’s the way it played out.  The church secretary for a tall steeple church a small town was put in the backseat of the police car and taken away.  Her crime? Stealing from the church. By some accounts, one in three churches has…
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