In Memory of Dr. Bob Cook

In 1965, Dr. Earl Radmacher invited Dr. Cook to join the faculty of Western [Conservative Baptist] Seminary. He taught theology and later served as Vice-President and Academic Dean until his retirement from those positions in 1986. Leaving his administrative responsibilities behind, Bob returned to his first love—teaching systematic theology.

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Book Review: enGendered

I found enGendered to be a refreshingly different approach to gender issues. Although I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, Andreades has presented a solidly biblical study with many helpful insights from his own research and ministry experience. I look forward to reading the book again and to allow time for these new thoughts to simmer.

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Review of Discovery House Bible Atlas

Discovery House Bible Atlas By John A. Beck Grand Rapids, IL Discovery House Publishers, 2015 347 Pp. |  $39.99 As a serious student of biblical geography, I am always excited about the publication of a new Bible atlas. In my own experience there is nothing that enhances my reading and appreciation of the stories of […]