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Did the Reformers Misread Paul? | Book Review

For a book that targets a presupposition (that the Reformation critique of Catholicism was about grace versus works), it makes significant assumptions of its own. Most evident is O’Kelley’s supposition that the entire NPP is built on this one flawed argument. After the smoke has cleared from his detonation, the NPP appears weakened, though still upright, but his own perspective looks to have taken some collateral damage in the blast as well.


The Big Story of Scripture

The Verity Fellowship was born when two Western Seminary students, Taylor Turkington and Katie Roberts, began thinking about how they could help contribute to the equipping of women for the various types of gospel ministries that they may be involved in. Taylor and Katie were motivated to help women see the truth that the good news of Jesus Christ is central not simply to how a person understands the message of the Bible, but furthermore, must remain at the center of their lives and ministries. After almost two years of prayers and preparation, Taylor and Katie launched the Verity Fellowship this year, in partnership with Western Seminary.


Transitioning To Doctoral Studies– Part 1

In gist, find the classes that will help you prepare for your Ph.D. research while doing your Th.M., but also make sure to take classes that will help you broaden your knowledge of the whole field into which you plan to enter. Additionally, take at least one class that stretches you as a critical thinker. This may include something with a philosophical or hermeneutical bent, such as a class that helps you think about your presuppositions and research methodology. I think this is the best way to use your Th.M. as a resource for the next stage of your studies.