Transitioning To Doctoral Studies– Part 1

In gist, find the classes that will help you prepare for your Ph.D. research while doing your Th.M., but also make sure to take classes that will help you broaden your knowledge of the whole field into which you plan to enter. Additionally, take at least one class that stretches you as a critical thinker. This may include something with a philosophical or hermeneutical bent, such as a class that helps you think about your presuppositions and research methodology. I think this is the best way to use your Th.M. as a resource for the next stage of your studies.

Old Book. Selective focus

Book review for Donald Sunukjian’s Biblical Preaching for the Contemporary Church

Review by Demetrius Rogers, Th.M. The Biblical Preaching for the Contemporary Church series offers Invitation to the Life of Jacob: Winning through Losing, Invitation to Philippians: Building a Great Church through Humility, and Invitation to James: Preserving through Trials to Win the Crown (all  by Donald R. Sunukjian, Weaver Book Company, 2014). The three main […]