3 Things Christians Should Understand About the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed

black and white photo of cathedral

By Robert Goff The Ecumenical Councils of Nicea in 325 A.D. and Constantinople in 381 A.D. sought to establish a consensus and conformity of belief in the Christian church through the assembling of its leadership from across Christendom. Both of these councils produced uniformed Christian doctrine, expressed in the Creed of Nicaea, as well as…
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5 from 13 for 14: Books to Read This Year

man selecting a book

The Transformedblog asked our regular contributors to recommend their favorite books read in 2013 for your consideration in 2014. Selections from Dr. Randy Roberts, president of Western Seminary and professor of Spiritual Life Development. In choosing a small handful of favorite books read in 2013, I tried to emphasize those titles that might not be…
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5 Things to Know About Montanism

Revival tent

By Jim Liang Pentecostalism has certainly lit a fire in the evangelical Christian world! With an emphasis on the immediacy of the Spirit and the practice of spiritual gifts such as tongues and prophecy- some see it as God bringing about something new “in these last days.” However, if church history has taught us anything…
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A Fool-proof Plan to Future-proof Your Church

traffic, traffic lanes, repentance, turning around, wrong way

By P.J. Oswald As a card-carrying computer geek, I’m fascinated by the newest trends in technology. One of the biggest battles is between tech giants Google, Apple, and Microsoft, where each company feels an acute pressure to innovate. They must each convince us that their latest device is “future proof,” ready to meet every conceivable…
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O Little Town of Bethlehem

Black and white cityscape photo of Bethlehem town.

By Tim Harmon Tim Harmon is finishing his MA in Biblical-Theological Studies and will begin work on the ThM at Western Seminary in the Spring. Tim also serves as the Graduate Assistant to Dr. Jan Verbruggen at Western Seminary.   Bethlehem. There’s really no more significant city at Christmastime. After all, it’s where Jesus was…
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