About Gerry Breshears

Dr. Breshears is a Professor of Systematic Theology and Chair of the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies at Western Seminary. In addition to his three decades of educational ministry at Western, Dr. Breshears has taught at numerous Bible colleges and seminaries around the world, such as Lebanon, Ukraine, Netherlands, Taiwan, Poland, Canada, and the Philippines. He has also been published in numerous magazines and scholarly journals, including the Journal of Psychology & Theology and Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. Dr. Breshears is also the former president of the Evangelical Theological Society and continues to serve on the regional executive committee of that organization. Dr. Breshears serves as a preaching elder at Grace Community Church. He and his wife, Sherry, have been married since 1968, have two sons, one daughter, and are enjoying their season of life as grandparents.


Frozen: A Review


(Spoiler Alert!) My grandgirls, Nicole and Joy, were in town for the weekend, so we went to see Frozen, a delightful animated fantasy suitable to all viewers. Disney has done it again: They created a great redemption story. Those who know the biblical story line will see biblical themes coming up constantly. Caution: this essay…
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Defining “ordain” and “pastor”

Preacher facing congregation

Evangelicals are wrestling with what to do with these two terms. My church is typical of many other churches. Our bylaws define “pastor” as a full time paid ministry staff who is also an elder. Since Dennis retired our only official pastor is Jay. Gerry S. is now full time paid ministry staff and an…
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Matthew 24: This Generation Will Not Pass Away . . .

Vintage Bible with pocketwatch and keys grunge background

Matthew 24 is one of those perplexing biblical passages since Jesus seems to waffle between very specific timed warnings and “Even I don’t know the date.” In preparing to preach the sermon, I read RT France’s Matthew section in the New Bible Commentary and it gave me a different and better perspective on 24:29-35. Now, mind you,…
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Hebrews Warnings


I’ve been working on the warning passages in Hebrews for quite a while; when I got asked to preach on them in our series at Grace Community Church, I had to stop thinking and produce! The sermon worried me because while most sermons are pretty encouraging, even when they call people to action or change,…
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