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Jim Hislop is the Director of Western Seminary's Center for Leadership Development.


Redeemed for Life

Man's hand sorting through manuscripts.

In my previous two blog posts on the sacred/secular divide, I’ve been using the terms sacred and secular but have not stopped to define what I mean by them. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, sacred means a: dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity and b: devoted exclusively to one…
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God Designed Us to Partner with Him

Woman sitting in garden.

As we come to back to the story of creation we find a remarkable truth: the Creator God not only created humankind to be his creatures, but also to be his partners in the creative process of causing the world to flourish. In Genesis chapter one we find a summary of the six days of…
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God is a Worker and I’m Made in His Image

Man at work

A few months ago, in a Transformed post called Walls That Divide, I suggested that there were two walls that divide the church. These walls have grown over time, and even though they are occasionally challenged, they keep showing up. They are the sacred/secular divide and the clergy/laity divide. I wrote a few posts on…
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3 Favorite Books From ‘13

black and white photo of lined up books

Editor’s Note: We asked our regular TransformedBlog contributors to give us a short list of their favorite books from 2013 with some brief explanation. We will run them throughout the early part of the new year. Tom Nelson, Work Matters (Crossway, 2011).  Nelson brings a great treatment of the issue of faith at work from…
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Is There To Be No Leadership?

Praying Handson bible

You could get the impression from my previous posts that I do not believe in recognized leadership within the church other than the body of elders and deacons.  If that’s the case, let me correct that quickly.  Paul, in referring to spiritual gifts in Romans 12:8, talks about the gift of “leadership” and tells those…
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