Dealing With Habits

Concept of daily routine

One of my habits is to regularly write a post for this blog site. I am, after all, a mass of habits. I would like to think that my daily choices are the products of well-considered decision making, but as Charles Duhigg notes in his book, The Power of Habit, they are not. They are…
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Avoiding Mistakes in Ministry

unusual STOP for bikes street sign - Maribor main square tourist attraction

Dave Kraft shares the fruit of forty-three years of ministry in his newest book, Mistakes Leaders Make. In his forward, Mark Driscoll advises the reader to process the book—take it slow. There is a lot of pastoral wisdom here. It is worth reading and rereading. When I was a pastor in The Netherlands, I worked…
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Impulse Control

Neural network , detailed illustration

After hearing of yet another horrific shooting in Connecticut—and witnessing another mindless act of evil much closer to home at Clackamas Town Center, the news will have its usual stories, interviews with eye-witnesses, and ultimately search for some explanation. We will hear words of grief and shock. People will say that Jacob Roberts was a…
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End of Term Reflections

Direction Dilemma

Coming to the end of Fall term, I get to reverse roles and learn from the students. It is always (well, almost always) quite stimulating. My students in leadership class come back to report on a leader they have studied and assessed. Students in a course in worship return with field reports, sharing what they…
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Living On A Whole New Level

new level

Tomorrow I will lecture on the glorious and inglorious sides of ministry. There’s great glory in watching over souls, of tending to the deepest aspects of a person’s life; glory in ministry’s hiddenness (e.g. the unseen work of prayer); glory in the challenge (what else tests your will, emotions, intellect, tact, patience, imagination, etc. like…
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