Pronouncing The Divine Name

heaven clouds

With Tim Harmon God has revealed His divine name in Scripture – so shouldn’t we call Him by it? This is a question that many Christians have wrestled with, though conclusions on the matter tend to differ. Before telling you my conclusion, let’s explore the issue a bit further. What is the Divine Name? Referred…
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Social Justice in Ancient Israel


With Tim Harmon Social justice: politicians talk about it, protesters protest about it, and Christians put on conferences about it. What does it all mean? Well, for starters, our parents were right: life is not fair…and less fair for some than for others. Indeed, it seems that we can no more escape inequality than we…
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Hidden Motives and World War I: A Book Review in Honor of Veterans Day


As we are approaching the centennial anniversary mark for the beginning of World War I, it might be interesting to review what went wrong in the run up to this war and why it wasn’t avoided. In his book July 1914, Countdown to War, Sean McMeekin masterfully brings out many of the underlying currents in…
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Health and Healthcare in Ancient Israel

Flat line alert on a heart monitor - 3d render on detail pixellated screen

With Tim Harmon (MABTS student) It’s been a fact of life since the Fall: we all get sick. Whether due to our phobias or our finances, we’d all like to avoid the doctor’s office if we can help it. But the next time we find ourselves grumbling over our co-pay, it’s worth considering how our…
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Teaching Hebrew as a Living Language

Human brain function grunge with gears

Jan Verbruggen, Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature at Western Seminary, has begun the process of teaching biblical Hebrew as a “living language.” We approached him with some questions to explain this new approach.   What is a “living language approach” to language learning? In the living language approach we try to teach the…
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