About Ron Marrs

Ron Marrs is presently an Associate Professor of Youth and Pastoral Ministries and Chairman of the Center for Ministry and Leadership at Western Seminary, Portland, OR. Ron is the leader of the Portland Youth Workers Network. He served at Westwood Baptist Church, a Converge church, for 24.5 years primarily as the youth pastor and then as executive/worship pastor. He has been married to Becky for 35 years, has three children and three grandsons. He is an elder at Hinson Baptist Church. He recently completed doctoral research in which he interviewed 26 people about their rookie youth pastor experiences along with 24 of their supervisors.


Is Your Job Your Calling?

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Recently I asked a asked a couple of friends if I should give up on my campaign to encourage people to stop using the word “calling” in the sense of “finding one’s calling” in the realm of work. They both said “yes.” They agreed that the idea was too ingrained in both the Christian culture…
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6 Most Influential Books: Ron Marrs

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The TransformedBlog asked the faculty of Western Seminary to give a brief list of the most influential books (other than the Bible) that they have read. Dr. Ron Marrs lists his six most influential books. 1.  Knowing God by J.I. Packer By far this book has had the most impact on my life.  The truth of…
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Reflections on the Faith, Work, and Economics Conference

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I recently attended a conference on faith, work, and economics sponsored by the Kern Foundation’s Economic Wisdom Project in Phoenix, AZ.  It was nice to be in 75 degree weather but even better was the valuable input from pastors and seminary professors who gathered from around the United States. The themes of the Project are…
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What the Bible Actually Says About “Calling”

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As a seminary professor, I hear testimonies of “calling” all the time. “I am at seminary because I have been called to __________.” Sometimes the calling is very specific: “I have been called to youth ministry in suburban Portland.”  Or, “I have been called to be a missionary.” Other times, the calling is vague: “I…
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Homosexuality, Sexual Identity, and the Church: A Resource to Consider


The cultural shift regarding public acceptance of homosexuality has been simultaneously remarkable and troubling. Like it or not, churches will inevitably be thrust into a position where they have to take a stand on this volatile issue, and lest they be caught unprepared they had best get up to speed on the issue and its…
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