About Todd Miles

Dr. Todd Miles is the Director of the Master of Theology Program and Associate Professor of Theology at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Before his doctoral studies Todd was a Research Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for ten years. Now Todd teaches Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, and Ethics at Western Seminary. Todd serves as an elder at Hinson Memorial Baptist Church in Portland and is the author of "A God of Many Understandings? The Gospel and Theology of Religions" (Nashville: B&H, 2010).


A Prayer for our Seminary Graduates

Graduates kneeling

Western Seminary’s 2015 Portland graduation is Saturday, April 25. Below is the commencement prayer that I prayed for the 2014 graduates. Our sovereign Lord and Father, we bow before you now as our great God and king. To you alone belong honor and power and glory, for you alone are God. You alone are creator,…
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Book Review: Know the Heretics

man selecting a book

Know the Heretics by  Justin S. Holcomb Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2014. 176 pgs.   Who was Pelagius and why should the members of my church bother to find out? Why should we be interested in Arius’s ideas about Jesus Christ, ideas that were condemned as unorthodox hundreds of years ago? Let’s face it, when it…
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Recognizing Jesus (excerpt)

Pixelized picture of Jesus

This excerpt is taken from Dr. Todd Miles’ article, Recognizing Jesus, published in the spring 2014 edition of Western Magazine (article begins on page 8). We learn at an early age, that if you want to get the correct answer in Sunday School, just say “Jesus.”  It really doesn’t matter what the question is.  As…
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7 Favorites from Dr. Todd Miles

Young man leaning back in library chair

The TransformedBlog asked the faculty of Western Seminary to give a brief list of the most influential books that they have read. Dr. Todd Miles lists his top 7 most influential books.   Knowing God by J. I. Packer I read this in college. Packer caused me to think about the majesty of God in…
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Joseph and Jesus: An Adoptive Father’s Thoughts

little boy watching the rain through the window

When we are not consumed with shopping, decorations, and other holiday preparations, the focus of our attention during the Christmas season usually lands on Jesus (hopefully) and to a lesser extent, his mother, Mary. This is right and good. But often overlooked is Joseph, a mysterious character who played a significant role in the birth…
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