Wise Men Worship and a Maniacal King Murders: A Christmas Reflection


Jesus, the One whom we celebrate every Christmas, is polarizing. Not because there is anything wrong with him, but because there is so much wrong about us.  He is not the sort of person that one can take or leave, or that one can evaluate in a standoffish sort of manner. Jesus’ very person demands…
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The Death of the Author: An Introduction to PoMo Interpretation

Old Book. Selective focus

Have you ever been in a Bible Study where the leader carelessly asks, “So, what does this passage mean to you?” What kind of question is that? Perhaps it is an innocent, albeit poorly worded, call for personal application. But often the answers that follow touch on meanings that have nothing to do with the…
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Interpretation without Presuppositions? Not Possible and Not Desirable.


I am one of those nerds who has read the Tolkien trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, well over a dozen times. I love the Peter Jackson movie adaptations too. One of my favorite scenes in the movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, is when a concerned Gandalf gently suggests to Bilbo that maybe he…
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5 Reasons We Need to Remember the Reformation

Luther and the Reformers

In honor of Reformation Day, we thought that we would run a post that originally appeared here two years ago. Growing up, I knew almost nothing about the Reformation. I had a vague awareness of something that some people somewhere in the church celebrated about the same time of year that I was obsessing over…
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The Bible is (also) the Word of Man

Young man reading small Bible

The Bible is the Word of man. Now, it is not merely the Word of man or only the Word of man. It is far more than that; it is also the Word of God. Lest anyone doubt my commitment to the divine character of the Bible, let me state unequivocally, The Bible is the…
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