Let’s Celebrate Passover!

Plates of Passover meal

Passover (Hebrew Pesach) is the most widely observed Jewish holiday. It commemorates and celebrates both God’s freeing of the Israelite slaves from Egypt and the beginning of the Nation of Israel (Exod. 12:14). Although originally one of the pilgrim feasts which required worshipers to travel to Jerusalem (Deut. 16:16), since the destruction of the Temple…
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Christ–centered Preaching: An interview with Dr. Art Azurdia

Christ-centered Preaching Western Magazine

This interview with Dr. Art Azurdia was taken from the spring 2014 issue of Western Magazine. Read the interview in it’s entirety, starting on page 14.   HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE CHRIST-CENTERED PREACHING? AA: I would define it as faithfulness to the immediate words that are in the passage itself, as well as an understanding…
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Spirit Empowered Mission: Hoist the Sails

Crowd in circle, rolling dice

Should we cast lots today? What can we learn from the disciples’ actions before advent of the Spirit? What does the addition of a 12th disciple say about Israel and the church? We asked Art Azurdia… Listen to sermon (Acts 1:12-26): First, the obvious question: Should we make decisions by casting lots? Oh sure, as…
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Focused: Teaching The Gospel For Continued Spiritual Growth

Focused: Teaching The Gospel for Continued Spiritual Growth

This article first appeared in the spring 2014 edition of Western Magazine (article begins on page 17). By Dr. Jeff Louie When I went to seminary, the emphasis of the school I attended was on exegetical method and an understanding of the biblical text within the context of a particular passage or a given book. …
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Recognizing Jesus (excerpt)

Pixelized picture of Jesus

This excerpt is taken from Dr. Todd Miles’ article, Recognizing Jesus, published in the spring 2014 edition of Western Magazine (article begins on page 8). We learn at an early age, that if you want to get the correct answer in Sunday School, just say “Jesus.”  It really doesn’t matter what the question is.  As…
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