Happy Birthday to the Church that Jesus Builds

Steps leading to Upper Room.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CHURCH THAT JESUS BUILDS[1] By Tim Smith I have been involved in churches since I was born 54 years ago, but I have NEVER heard of or seen a birthday celebration for the church. There are great reasons to celebrate the church’s birthday. I was in Israel in 2012 on Pentecost…
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Three Cheers for Celibacy

Man standing alone

Sometimes in the life of the church we need to reclaim a forgotten or dormant teaching. My sense is that now is such a time and that the teaching we need to dust off and put into practice is celibacy. Celibacy is not a very popular idea. We Protestants see the Catholic Church overdoing it…
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Does Isaiah 14 Reveal Anything About Satan’s Fall?

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Last week I was teaching on a text that made mention of Satan when a hand shot up. Questions are helpful in clarifying issues related to the immediate discussion. The question was actually more of a comment suggesting that Satan’s sin and fall from heaven is explained in Isaiah 14. Time was too short to…
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Book Review: Know the Heretics

man selecting a book

Know the Heretics by  Justin S. Holcomb Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2014. 176 pgs.   Who was Pelagius and why should the members of my church bother to find out? Why should we be interested in Arius’s ideas about Jesus Christ, ideas that were condemned as unorthodox hundreds of years ago? Let’s face it, when it…
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Lessons Learned Studying Theology in Europe


By Paul Silas Peterson My dear old teacher Dr. Todd L. Miles, who is not very old at all, asked me to write something about my experience of studying theology in Europe. As a side note, I remember how Prof. Miles would always take time after class to discuss theological questions with me and other…
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