Study Your City

Let’s say you’re in this boat too: being convinced by Scripture and convicted by the Holy Spirit to step out, deeply burdened to see lost people in your neighborhood, bars, coffee shops, gyms, grocery stores, and schools meet Jesus. This means you have to think like a missionary—a mindset that requires both studying the culture you find yourself in, as well as engaging with it.

Kids at little league

The Death of the 10am Sunday Service

Gathering together on Sunday morning and then scattering out into the world the rest of the week is easy to do in a society that leaves Sunday alone. But we don’t live in that world anymore. We can respond to the change with guilt trips and increased separation from the community we live in, or we can make a few adjustments.


Healing Our Image of God as Father

“Our Father in heaven.” Not every Christian can (or does!) pray those words to God with ease. I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately from other Christians in the Church regarding how to go about relating to God as “Father” when one has an understanding of a father that is so skewed, so damaged, so beyond repair.