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The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom

Anderson addresses multiple issues that need to be faced in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling. He argues that the consent-based view serves the desires of adults, not the needs or rights of children. Religious liberty will be threatened. The ruling, he argues, has clearly overreached its authority. Adoption and foster care religious entities will be forced to abandon their ministries if they don’t comply with the ruling. Religious schools are now vulnerable. Christian business people have had and will have major decisions ahead.


Contextualization Is Not Optional

Contextualization is not optional. Hear me, working to contextualize what you’re doing is not just mere pragmatism – “how to get stuff done” and “be more effective” (though those things are important). It is about loving people. A church that does not seek to contextualize itself, its ministries, the gospel message, and every other avenue of communication inevitably creates more barriers than bridges for the advancement of the gospel in our communities.


The Kingdom and the Arts

Christians should seek to promote aesthetics that reflect the divine perfections, as well as their hope of the new heaven and new earth. This includes steering clear of sub-Christian artistic expression (e.g., the profane), as well as so-called “Christian” art that suggests an either over or under-realized kingdom theology (e.g., a lack of tension with the former, or a lack of quality with the latter).