Charleston skyline


I never understood why Batman would risk his life for the city of Gotham. Every night, Bruce Wayne sacrificed himself for a city that he really didn’t seem to know, a city separated from him by his mansion’s gates and considerably higher tax bracket. The same goes for Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen. Here is a […]

desert mountains

Review of Discovery House Bible Atlas

Discovery House Bible Atlas By John A. Beck Grand Rapids, IL Discovery House Publishers, 2015 347 Pp. |  $39.99 As a serious student of biblical geography, I am always excited about the publication of a new Bible atlas. In my own experience there is nothing that enhances my reading and appreciation of the stories of […]

Stone church with steeple

Twitter Gospel

In a world of sound bites, Instagram, #, and Twitter, we have become really good at saying as much as possible in the fewest words. We have become highly effective reductionists. The more I look at my faith, particularly as an evangelical, the more I realize we have done the same in our spiritual practice. […]