Review of Discovery House Bible Atlas

desert mountains

Discovery House Bible Atlas By John A. Beck Grand Rapids, IL Discovery House Publishers, 2015 347 Pp. |  $39.99 As a serious student of biblical geography, I am always excited about the publication of a new Bible atlas. In my own experience there is nothing that enhances my reading and appreciation of the stories of…
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Matthew’s Geographical Overlay: The Return of the Exiled King

Map of Matthew's Gospel

Geography in the Ancient Near East was a physical representation of transcendent reality. Mapping things geographically was a visible form of Israel’s theology. For example, since Jerusalem was central to Israel’s worldview, it was also central to the cartography of the time. The temple therefore was not only at the center of religious, economic, or…
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What is the “Unpardonable Sin?”

black and white photo of ocean

A young man came to my office and expressed his concern that he had committed the “unpardonable sin” and there was nothing he could do to be saved from eternal condemnation and judgment. Many believers have been troubled by the question, “Have I committed the unpardonable sin?” A proper understanding of the historical circumstances can…
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Victory through the Lamb: A Guide to Revelation in Plain Language – Book Review

Rev. 14:14-20

Victory through the Lamb: A Guide to Revelation in Plain Language By Mark Wilson. Wooster, Ohio; Weaver Book Company, 223 pp. $17.99. I first became acquainted with the author, Mark Wilson, through his book Biblical Turkey: A Guide to the Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor (2010). Mark has lived in Turkey since 2004…
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Does Isaiah 14 Reveal Anything About Satan’s Fall?

Hands holding sparkler

Last week I was teaching on a text that made mention of Satan when a hand shot up. Questions are helpful in clarifying issues related to the immediate discussion. The question was actually more of a comment suggesting that Satan’s sin and fall from heaven is explained in Isaiah 14. Time was too short to…
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