Interpretation without Presuppositions? Not Possible and Not Desirable.


I am one of those nerds who has read the Tolkien trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, well over a dozen times. I love the Peter Jackson movie adaptations too. One of my favorite scenes in the movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, is when a concerned Gandalf gently suggests to Bilbo that maybe he…
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The Bible is (also) the Word of Man

Young man reading small Bible

The Bible is the Word of man. Now, it is not merely the Word of man or only the Word of man. It is far more than that; it is also the Word of God. Lest anyone doubt my commitment to the divine character of the Bible, let me state unequivocally, The Bible is the…
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Matthew 24: This Generation Will Not Pass Away . . .

Vintage Bible with pocketwatch and keys grunge background

Matthew 24 is one of those perplexing biblical passages since Jesus seems to waffle between very specific timed warnings and “Even I don’t know the date.” In preparing to preach the sermon, I read RT France’s Matthew section in the New Bible Commentary and it gave me a different and better perspective on 24:29-35. Now, mind you,…
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The Bible is the Word of God


This is an ongoing series looking at critical “axioms” of hermeneutics (the art and science of biblical interpretation), those things that I believe one must know and/or believe in order to interpret the Word of God accurately. Axiom 1: Your hermeneutics will flow directly from your convictions on inspiration Form determines function. What a thing…
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Gospel-Centered Preaching

Stained glass image of Biblical figures.

Dr. Art Azurdia is Associate Professor of Pastoral and Church Ministry at Western Seminary and is also the Director of the Doctor of Ministry program. Dr. Azurdia is also the Senior Minister of Word and Worship at Trinity Church in Portland, OR – a church that he planted in 2010. Given that Dr. Azurdia is…
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