The Bible is the Word of God


This is an ongoing series looking at critical “axioms” of hermeneutics (the art and science of biblical interpretation), those things that I believe one must know and/or believe in order to interpret the Word of God accurately. Axiom 1: Your hermeneutics will flow directly from your convictions on inspiration Form determines function. What a thing…
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Gospel-Centered Preaching

Stained glass image of Biblical figures.

Dr. Art Azurdia is Associate Professor of Pastoral and Church Ministry at Western Seminary and is also the Director of the Doctor of Ministry program. Dr. Azurdia is also the Senior Minister of Word and Worship at Trinity Church in Portland, OR – a church that he planted in 2010. Given that Dr. Azurdia is…
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The Structure of the Book of Jeremiah

The bible

The structure of the book of Jeremiah has been a conundrum for scholars through the centuries. In his commentary J. A. Thomson wrote, “When we come to inquire whether any principles of arrangement can be observed in the book of Jeremiah, we have to admit that any consistent principles escape us” (J. A. Thompson, Jeremiah,…
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Hebrews Warnings


I’ve been working on the warning passages in Hebrews for quite a while; when I got asked to preach on them in our series at Grace Community Church, I had to stop thinking and produce! The sermon worried me because while most sermons are pretty encouraging, even when they call people to action or change,…
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I know what you say you believe, but I am hearing something different . . .

bible-preaching 2

Every now and then one of my youngest children will try to convince me of something, when the evidence to the contrary is smeared all over his face. “But Dad, I didn’t eat any of the chocolate,” they might protest. To which I reply, “Yeah, right. That brown sticky substance on your face that smells…
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