Does Following Jesus Mean Giving Up My Ambition?


“One’s life must matter, beyond all the cooking and cleaning and the children! One’s life must mean more than that. I cannot die washing a teacup.” So said a young Miss Thatcher in response to her boyfriend’s wedding proposal. These were her terms of agreement. Fortunately for him, she also said “yes”. Margaret Thatcher was…
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The Mission of God and the Madness of His People: A God Too Compassionate

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  Why does the book of Jonah end the way it does?  How are we like Jonah?  What is Jonah’s contribution to Old Testament Theology? We asked Art Azurdia…   Listen to sermon (Jonah 4:1-11): What is the effect of placing verses 5-11 after 1-4, thought it appears 1-4 occur chronologically prior to 5-11? I…
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4 Favorite Books for 2014

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The Transformedblog asked our regular contributors to recommend their favorite books read in 2013 for your consideration in 2014. The Man Christ Jesus: Theological Reflections on the Humanity of Christ by Bruce Ware. Wheaton: Crossway, 2013. The Man Christ Jesus focuses on the humanity of Christ, which is an often neglected topic. However, this is…
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Thinking About Power

Statues of three ancient pharaohs.

Somewhere between 6:00 and 6:30 am on Monday mornings, I am lifting weights at a nearby gym. I am engaged in a weekly routine that is a mix of weight training, tennis, swimming, and cycling. At this stage of life, it is everything just to stay ahead of the curve and work against the inevitable…
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What the Bible Actually Says About “Calling”

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As a seminary professor, I hear testimonies of “calling” all the time. “I am at seminary because I have been called to __________.” Sometimes the calling is very specific: “I have been called to youth ministry in suburban Portland.”  Or, “I have been called to be a missionary.” Other times, the calling is vague: “I…
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