How Humble Beast was Born, and Why it Exists

Our aim with Humble Beast is excellence with a posture of humility. We want to humbly present the gospel and make Jesus known, and in a way that doesn’t put so much of an emphasis on hip-hop that all else is secondary, yet at the same time competing in the marketplace, that when people listen they will digest it. Because if it’s not quality music, no one is going to listen to it anyway.

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Book Review: The Pastor Theologian

Over the course of my seminary training, I recall struggling to discern whether God was calling me to scholarship or pastoral ministry. While deeply interested in academic research, publication, and instruction, I was, at the same time, committed to the notion that theology is to be done in, with, and for the church. So then, which of these two divergent paths ought I to follow?


One Big Ministry Rule That You Should Break

The solution isn’t to build a better search committee, but for pastors to understand that their leadership is vitally important at that vulnerable point in the life of a church. There is a need for education and vision casting and equipping and grace and patience to be shown by the outgoing pastor so that the incoming pastor has a chance to succeed.

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The Significance of Youth Ministry

  Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World: A Hopeful Wake-Up Call By Brock Morgan, San Diego: The Youth Cartel, 2013 I recently read a very valuable book on youth ministry by veteran youth worker Brock Morgan entitled Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World: A Hopeful Wake-up Call (The Youth Cartel, 2013). What Brock does in […]