Where Was God?

mountain valley

If you can, try to place yourself in my shoes last Saturday. It is 11:35 in the morning, and you are standing in order to make room for others to find a seat. It is a memorial service, and almost every chair is taken. People have come to grieve, and it is a severe grief.…
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Reflecting On Peterson (Part One)

Page of notes.

Sometime in the late eighties, when I was slogging my way through my first senior pastorate, I was introduced to Eugene Peterson. I don’t remember how I got on to his books, but I read Working the Angles, and I was hooked. His opening words stopped me in my tracks—“American pastors are abandoning their posts,…
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Spirit Empowered Mission: Spirit Revived Community, Part 1

Young man reading small Bible

Should Christians leave their church if the pastor is not consistently preaching the Word?  What should a pastor do if his church is unresponsive to the preaching of God’s Word?  How did the modern church get to a place where many pastors are delivering nice talks, but not preaching from the Bible? We asked Art…
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Spirit Empowered Mission: The Advent of the Spirit, Part 3

church gathered for baptism at lake shore

Is the church in general poorly taught regarding baptism? How important is baptism for the Christian? We asked Art Azurdia… Listen to sermon (Acts 2:37-41):   Before getting into the meat of the text, you laid down some foundational concepts regarding baptism. Do you remember why you did that? Well, probably because I can’t remember the…
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Spirit Empowered Mission: The Advent of the Spirit, Part 2

Train tracks at night with light of oncoming train.

What can the preaching of the Apostles teach us about preaching Jesus?  Do Christians today have an adequate understanding of what it is to live in the last days? We asked Art Azurdia… Listen to sermon (Acts 2:14-36):   Is there anything tricky in preparing for and preaching a text that is in a sermon…
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