The bible

7 Reasons to Study the Old Testament

Some students have wondered why Christians should devote such time and effort in studying the Old Testament. We are New Covenant believers, so shouldn’t our focus be on the New Testament rather than the Hebrew Bible? I would like to offer seven reasons why Christians find great blessing and benefit in studying the Old Testament.


Attending and Participating in Academic Conferences

Attending and participating in academic conferences can be an important part of one’s development as a theologian or biblical scholar. Doing so affords students with an opportunity to hear and present papers, and to forge connections with other budding scholars. While there are many conferences that a student might attend, following is a summary of just a few key conferences that students enrolled in Western’s Th.M. program would particularly benefit from.


The Big Story of Scripture

The Verity Fellowship was born when two Western Seminary students, Taylor Turkington and Katie Roberts, began thinking about how they could help contribute to the equipping of women for the various types of gospel ministries that they may be involved in. Taylor and Katie were motivated to help women see the truth that the good news of Jesus Christ is central not simply to how a person understands the message of the Bible, but furthermore, must remain at the center of their lives and ministries. After almost two years of prayers and preparation, Taylor and Katie launched the Verity Fellowship this year, in partnership with Western Seminary.