Being and the Bible – Part 3

In appealing to the testimony of Scripture, Christians have largely agreed that there is no more foundational statement regarding the Bible’s ontological identity than this: Holy Scripture is the Word of God (Sacra Scriptura est Verbum Dei). This correlation is commonly referred to as the ‘Scripture Principle’. It is, in fact, this principle that undergirds the above conviction that Scripture is the primary theological source.


Being and the Bible – Part 2

As a tribute to the topic of the 2016 Los Angeles Theology Conference (LATC) for this year, “The Voice of God in the Text of Scripture,” we are running a number of posts of the doctrine of Scripture. Today’s post is the second of a three part series looking at at how different perspectives on […]


Being and the Bible – Part 1

From Plato to Descartes, there had been an ongoing interplay between ontology (the study of being) and epistemology (the study of knowing). On one hand, what something is determines how we come to know it. On the other, we cannot know what something is without first coming to know that it is. In order to avoid infinite regress, philosophers sought to find a foundation upon which their knowledge of what truly is could be grounded.


The Kingdom and the Arts

Christians should seek to promote aesthetics that reflect the divine perfections, as well as their hope of the new heaven and new earth. This includes steering clear of sub-Christian artistic expression (e.g., the profane), as well as so-called “Christian” art that suggests an either over or under-realized kingdom theology (e.g., a lack of tension with the former, or a lack of quality with the latter).