Beggars On Our Streets

Open hands begging

When I lived for six months in the Philippines, I got used to seeing beggars on the streets. When you stopped at an intersection they would come out into the street and tap on your car window with an open hand. Many were in filthy clothes, without shoes, and were missing teeth. Some women carried…
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We’re back!


The Transformed Blog is back. For many of you, it may come as a surprise that it went anywhere. For others, you might wonder why it lay dormant for the better part of six months. When Marc Cortez, the originator and organizer of the blog, decided to take his talents to South Beach Wheaton, we…
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Win a Free Copy of Logos 5


Western Seminary is giving away a FREE copy of Logos 5. Although the Starter Edition lacks some of the better tools that you’ll get with higher-level packages, it’s still a $249 value and a great place to start building your digital library. Here are the details for the giveaway. They’ve made it very easy to…
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It’s November: Time For Those Irrelevant Awards!

Gold medal on black with blank face for text, concept for winning or success

I am in the great town of Milwaukee tonight, home of century old breweries and Polish steeples and site of this year’s Evangelical Theological Society Meetings. I am here to present a paper, as well as listen to a number of scintillating, brilliant, and fascinating papers by colleagues in fields from philosophy to theology to…
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This Week on Trans·formed (9/15)


Featured Articles on Trans·formed This Week The Gospel as Center (Book Review). Gospel-centered. It’s everywhere. Not quite as ubiquitous as air, but it feels like it sometimes. We even use it at Western Seminary to describe the core of our mission: Gospel-Centered Transformation. But what does it mean? And what difference does it really make for life and…
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