Guest Author Guidelines

Are you interested in writing something for Trans·formed? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always in the market for good, original content that seeks to promote the Gospel and prepare God’s people for effective ministry.

If you’d like to know a little more about what we’re looking for, please check out our guidelines.


1. Trans·formed is about the Gospel.

Trans·formed focuses on “living the Gospel in an everyday world.” In other words, we’re here to think through the implications of the Gospel for leading God’s people in everyday life and ministry.

So feel free to write on the Bible, theology, ministry, leadership, culture, and other issues. But the blog as a whole needs to help people see how these things connect to the Gospel. This doesn’t mean that every post needs to be about the Gospel. But it does mean that every post needs to be written with the Gospel firmly in mind so that everything connects naturally back to that starting point.


2. Trans·formed is for the church.

Our primary purpose is to provide quality, Gospel-centered resources to ministry leaders working in and through local churches. This means that our posts need to be connected to life and ministry today and accessible to your average ministry leader.


3. Trans·formed is diverse.

Although everything revolves around the Gospel, we’re interested in posts on virtually every aspect of life and ministry. Our main content areas are Bible, theology, ministry, leadership, discipleship, and culture.


4. Trans·formed is well-written.

We want to serve our readers well. So we keep a close eye on our posts to make sure they are well-written and on target. If you’re interested in guest posting, please keep a few writing guidelines in mind:

  • Word Count: We don’t want to impose an artificial limit on your post, but we also need to be aware that people reading blogs generally prefer shorter articles. So please keep your posts under 800 words. We will consider longer posts, but we’ll have to give them a closer look.
  • Originality: Please do not submit articles that have been posted elsewhere. We may occasionally repost articles (with permission) that we think have good fit for our audience. But for guest posts, we’re looking for good, original content. (Once we’ve posted your article, feel free to repost it on your own blog. But please do not repost it on any other blogs.)
  • Language: As we mentioned, we’re writing for your average ministry leader. So our writing needs to reflect that. Please make sure that your posts are interesting and challenging, but also accessible to our target audience.
  • Style: People tend to skim blog posts. So it’s often helpful to use short paragraphs, headings, and bullet points to make your content easier to take in at a glance.
  • Editing: We may need to edit your post. Please don’t take it personally. Headlines are important, so we may modify your proposed title to make it more likely that people will read your post. And we may need to tweak wording or grammar here and there.

If you’d like to submit something for Trans·formed, please send us an email. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can to let you know if we want to see more.