Elderly couple

Book Review: enGendered

I found enGendered to be a refreshingly different approach to gender issues. Although I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, Andreades has presented a solidly biblical study with many helpful insights from his own research and ministry experience. I look forward to reading the book again and to allow time for these new thoughts to simmer.


Transitioning To Doctoral Studies– Part 1

In gist, find the classes that will help you prepare for your Ph.D. research while doing your Th.M., but also make sure to take classes that will help you broaden your knowledge of the whole field into which you plan to enter. Additionally, take at least one class that stretches you as a critical thinker. This may include something with a philosophical or hermeneutical bent, such as a class that helps you think about your presuppositions and research methodology. I think this is the best way to use your Th.M. as a resource for the next stage of your studies.


How Humble Beast was Born, and Why it Exists

Our aim with Humble Beast is excellence with a posture of humility. We want to humbly present the gospel and make Jesus known, and in a way that doesn’t put so much of an emphasis on hip-hop that all else is secondary, yet at the same time competing in the marketplace, that when people listen they will digest it. Because if it’s not quality music, no one is going to listen to it anyway.