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Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry

Why is now a great time to apply to Western’s D.Min. program?

Maybe you’re thinking about applying to Western’s DMin.  Allow us to provide for you some reasons why we think our program is worth your consideration.

1)    A Ministry of Lasting Influence Demands a Message of Eternal Significance

With this defining emphasis, Western has designed a course of study that seeks to connect students to an internationally recognized faculty that not only affirms this conviction, their actual lives and ministry experience have been consistently distinguished by their passionate commitment to it. Interactive classes, chosen by the student, are combined with extensive reading and research that result in a dissertation intended to make a unique and significant contribution to the field of pastoral ministry.

2)    2015/16 Classes

We could not be more excited about our classes scheduled for this next school year.  Mike Jones, Paul Miller, Carl Trueman, Setve Mathewson, Bryan Chapell, Scotty Smith and Robert Smith will all be teaching DMin courses.  Could one of them be your next professor?

3)    Practical, Publishable Dissertation

We don’t want your dissertation to sit on a shelf in Western’s library.  Rather, we want each student to produce a practical and scholarly product that speaks to the field of pastoral ministry, will be a blessing to your fellow pastors, and is worthy of and appropriate for publication.  Dr. Reid Kisling now oversees our dissertation process, and with his help your dissertation could make a significant impact upon pastors and ministry leaders everywhere!

4)    Lifelong Learning

Every DMin graduate can audit one class every academic year, for free.  We want to invest in your ongoing, lifelong education, and because we will continually bring in professors such as Mike Jones, Paul Miller, Carl Trueman, Setve Mathewson, Bryan Chapell, Scotty Smith and Robert Smith, there will never be a shortage of opportunities for further growth and education!


Upcoming Courses

Paul Miller The Praying Life Nov. 9-12
Zack Eswine Jesus-Centered Pastoral Leadership Mar. 14-17
Steve Mathewson Preaching Old Testament Narrative Apr. 4-7
Art Azurdia Effecting Gospel-Centered Transformation May 9-12
Reid Kisling Research Design and Methodology May 23-26
Bryan Chapell Christ-Centered Preaching June 20-23