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Arturo Azurdia, DMin

Associate Professor of Pastoral and Church Ministry and Program Director for Doctor of Ministry Program
  • Portland Campus, Bueermann Hall, 314
  • 503.517.1870
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"Any attempt at Christian transformation without the gospel is moralism . . . a radically anti-Christian notion. The gospel is the instrument of transformation, wielded by the Holy Spirit who is the Agent of transformation, in order to effect greater likeness to Jesus Christ in those who are the objects of transformation."

Degrees Earned


Westminster Theological Seminary

Master of Divinity

American Baptist Seminary of the West


Simpson College 


California State University Hayward 

A Defining Moment

"Everything changed for me while sitting in a warm classroom at Westminster Seminary during the summer of 1993. While listening to a series of lectures given by Dr. Edmond Clowney, I was suddenly made aware of the fact that the entire Bible (which I loved!) was a book designed by the Holy Spirit to point people to Jesus Christ. Truth be told, my former training had obscured this. Needless to say, I repented immediately, and continue to repent of every Christ-less message I’ve ever preached . . . a repentance that even now seeks to express itself in my life’s consuming passion: to discover how the Bible consistently points us to Jesus Christ, and to subsequently allow this reality to shape everything I think, feel, and do."