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David Thommen, ThM

David Thommen, ThM

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Assistant Director of Doctor of Ministry and The Spurgeon Fellowship
  • Portland Campus, Milliken Hall, 309
  • 503.517.1824
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"Titus 2:11-12 shows the gospel has a sanctifying effect on an individual. The classroom is a place where the gospel transforms and sanctifies individuals. Though we are teaching skills and information, nonetheless it is a transformative event. I expect students will delight in Jesus all the more as a result of their time in the classroom at Western."

Degrees Earned

Th.M. in New Testament

Western Seminary

Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies

Western Seminary

Bachelor of Science in Bible, Theology and Pastoral Ministry

Multnomah University 

Current Ministry Involvement


New Life Church 

A Defining Moment

"When I was converted, I viewed the gospel simply as the entry point to the kingdom and to the deeper theological things of God. I was in a preaching practicum were I was shown how the gospel permeates everything and has implications for all of life and ministry. I realized you never get past the gospel, but you spend a lifetime exploring the depths and richness of the gospel and its implications. This completely revolutionized how I approach ministry, teaching, and even my approach to the Christian life. One of the key things that define me, as a result of this understanding, is my desire to help others see the breadth and depth of the implications of the gospel for their life." 

David Thommen Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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