Kay Bruce, Psy.D.

Professor of Counseling
  • Portland Campus, Bueermann Hall, 316
  • 503.517.1875
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"Counseling is all about personal growth and transformation toward healthy functioning—physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. Jesus empowers us to be helpers and comforters, because of the Gospel message. For the Christian counselor to be a good role model for a client, professional training must involve intentional personal and spiritual growth."

Degrees Earned

PsyD in Clinical Psychology

George Fox University

MA in Clinical Psychology

George Fox University

Diploma of World Ministry

Western Seminary

BA in Psychology and German

Portland State University 

A Defining Moment

"Believing that God has called me to be a teacher, when my voice developed a significant tremor it forced me to once again lean into Him for answers. Through this disability, I have learned how God can use our weaknesses—it is a cure for perfectionism, egocentrism, and control issues. I have learned that love is not about image control but rather genuineness, vulnerability, and God’s grace. Each encounter with another human being requires that I take a risk once again that God will go before, prepare the way, and redeem. Real ministry comes not from a place of superiority but rather from an awareness that we are all fragile human beings and in need of God’s grace and the love of one another. Self-confidence is overrated. Confidence in God’s power is underutilized." 

Kay Bruce Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Kay Bruce's CV