Online Campus Faculty

Gerry Breshears

Gerry Breshears, Ph.D.
Systematic Theology

Terrence Burns

Terrence Burns, D.Min.
Intercultural Studies

James DeYoung

James DeYoung, Th.D.
Biblical Literature

John Johnson

John Johnson, Th.D.
Pastoral Ministry

Robert A. Krupp

Robert A. Krupp, Ph.D.
Biblical Literature


Ryan Lister, Ph.D.
Biblical Literature

Ron Marrs

Ron Marrs, Ph.D.
Youth and Pastoral Ministry

Todd Miles

Todd Miles, Ph.D.
Hermeneutics, Theology

Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts, D.Min.
Spirital Life Development


Patrick Schreiner, Ph.D.
Biblical Literature, Greek

Norm Thiesen

Norm Thiesen, Ph.D.
Pastoral Counseling

Jan Verbruggen

Jan Verbruggen, Ph.D.
Biblical Literature, Hebrew

Dave Wenzel

Dave Wenzel, Ph.D.
Pastoral Counseling

Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

Mark Belokonny, D.Min. Pastoral Ministry
Phyllis Bennett, D.Min. Pastoral Care to Women
Laurie Bloomquist, M.A. Counseling
John Branner, D.Miss. Intercultural Studies
Glenn Daman, D.Min. Small Church Ministry
Bert Downs, D.D. Pastoral Ministry
Jennifer Ellison, Th.M. Theology
Matt Godshall, Ph.d. Biblical Literature
Steve Leckvold, Th.M. Theology and Evangelism
Ray Lubeck, Th.D. Biblical Literature
Josh Mathews, Ph.D. Biblical Literature
Adam Nigh, Ph.D. Church History
Michael Pohlman, Ph.D. Church History
Jon Raibley, Th.M. Pastoral Ministry
Robert Rapp, Th.M. Biblical Literature
Demetrius Rogers, Th.M. Hermeneutics, Ethics
Gary Thomas, D.D. Pastoral Ministry
David Thommen, Th.M. Theology
Mary Wilder, M.D. Interculatural Studies