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Sacramento Campus Faculty

Sacramento Campus Faculty

Bev Wiens

Bev Wiens, PhD, LMFT
Director, Marital and Family Therapy Program
Professor of Counseling

David Nystrom

David Nystrom, PhD
Professor in Church History, New Testament, and Spiritual Formation

Adjunct Faculty

Kengo Akiyama, PhD Hebrew
Gerry Breshears, PhD Professor of Systematic Theology (Portland)
Lisa Charlebois, MSW, LMFT Counseling
Kristin Crichton, MA, LMFT Counseling
David Dillman, MA Counseling
Traver Dougherty, DMin, PhD Pastoral Ministry/Intercultural Studies
Jerry Essary, DMin Director, Coaching Program
Andy Flowers, DMin Pastoral Ministry
Matt Godshall, PhD Greek
Chad Hall, DMin, MCC Coaching Program
Ryan Hauck, MA, MDiv, LMFT Counseling
Jon Holmes, MA, MDiv, LMFT Counseling
Dan Kimball, DMin Instructor in Pastoral Ministry
Steve Korch, DMin Professor of Pastoral Theology
Douglas Locke, MA, LMFT, LPCC Counseling
Ken Logan, PsyD Professor of Counseling (Portland)
Josh Matthews, PhD Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Rick Melick, PhD Bible, Hermeneutics
Todd Miles, PhD Professor of Theology (Portland)
Linda Miller, MA, MCC Coaching
Tiffany Mimms, PhD Counseling
Ken Philipp, PsyD Counseling
Heath Randall, DPharm Counseling
Susan Reynolds, MA, LMFT Counseling
Norm Thiesen, PhD Professor of Counseling (Portland)
Paul Thome, BA, ACC Coaching
David Wenzel, PhD Counseling
Bret Widman, DMin Spiritual Formation