Cohort Church Mentor

Thank you for your interest in being a Church-Mentor in the Western Seminary Bay Area Masters of Arts in Ministry and Leadership degree. This degree is being offered in a way that significantly reduces cost of tuition for the student by their local church investing and being a part.

Each student will need to have someone from their local church who commits to be part of their educational process and serve in the role of “Church Mentor”. Please read the letter to Church-Mentors which has more info. about how this role fits in the program and degree.

This Church-Mentor preferably is a full-time pastoral staff member who has enough experience to understand the ministry the student is involved with in the local church. If the student is on church staff, the ideal person in the “Church-Mentor” role would be the one the student reports to on staff. This way it can be incorporated into the meetings you already have with the student as you support and know their ongoing ministry.

We will be going over specifics of what the role entails, but by being a “Church-Mentor” you would commit to:

-        pray for the student as they add on seminary classes in addition to their normal ministry life.

-        attend a one-time initial Church-Mentor training meeting with Western Seminary

-        as each semester begins, have a phone call with Western Seminary to go over the specific syllabus for that semester

-          meet with the student 2 or 3 times to check in on the ministry assignments and ensure the completion of them

-          finalize with Western Seminary that the student did fulfill the requirements for the Pass/Fail grade

 If this is something that interests you, please either contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cohort Host, or complete your application for your student below.


Name: ____________________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________

Phone contact: ____________________________

Name of the church you are on-staff: _______________________________________

What role do you have on the church staff:_______________________________

How long have you been on that church staff: ________________________________

Do you have any Bible, theology or ministry formal education or degrees? If so, what degree and where from? ___________________________________________________

Does the student who is applying for this degree in Western Seminary currently report to you if on church staff? What is your current relationship with the student? _____________________________________________________________________________

I agree to serve as the Church-Mentor with the student named and fulfill the requirements needed. If I need to end my time as “Church-Mentor” I will notify both student and Western Seminary, so we can arrange someone else to take the role.

Signed: __________________________________________.     Date:_____________________



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Thanks for completing this. We look forward to connecting with you soon.