Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions concerning admissions

What makes this program unique from a regular MAML degree on campus?


How is this program so inexpensive?

Western's mission is to provide with and for the Church advanced training for strategic ministry roles. This program epitomizes that because the mentor partners with the student and Western to help train each member of the cohort. Students are actively in ministry, so they are implementing what they are learning throughout the program in the context of their ministry.

Can I audit the MAML cohort or take only a few classes and audit them?

Because we are offering this degree at such a reduced cost and because the cohort model is going to be a group staying together through the entire experience, we won’t have the audit option for this degree.

After I graduate with the MA in Ministry Leadership, can I apply that and continue to get a MDiv?

Yes, you can continue towards a MDiv and have the classes and credits from the MAML apply towards it. If one continues after the MAML, it won’t be in the cohort model and it will be at normal tuition per credit.

How do I apply for this degree?

You apply just like any degree, but you will need a mentor identified in your application process.

  1. Create an account in SIS.
  2. Contact the following with questions:
    • About Mentorship:
    • About Financial Aid:
    • Etc.
  3. Complete the application.

Questions concerning mentors

Will Western find a mentor for me?


Will the mentor be paid?

Not with money.

Does the mentor need to commit for the entire length of my program?


What if my mentor cannot be my mentor after being in the program?

Good question.

Questions concerning costs

Can I still receive Financial Aid for this program?


What financial committment does my mentor or church need to make?

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